Summits Simplified: Learn How To Simply Reach More People Desperately Looking For YOU From Game-Changers Walking This Same Path - Even If You Have Never Done This Before!

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You're An Expert At What You Do But You Want To Easily Reach More People Desperately Searching For Y0U (Not in 6 Months)!

Get comfy and close with 20 of the most influential online entrepreneurs in the industry joining together to teach you exactly how to quickly accelerated into being the authority in your niche where people line up and buy products and services from YOU as soon as you launch.

The dynamic speakers being featured in Summits Simplied are leaders in their fields and they all have ONE thing in common. They all got their BIG start creating and hosting Virtual Summits! They were not willing to wait years to become The Authority in their niche, help more people, and make great money doing it!


Why a Virtual Summit Called Summits Simplified?


  •  Imagine if you knew how to simply add hundreds (or thouands) of quality subscribers to your list without spending a fortune in the process. 
  •  Wouldn’t it be worth your time, energy, and money to learn first-hand from online master teachers and simply put these methods to work right away in YOUR business?  
  • Are you ready to simply eliminate overwhelm trying to learn the best List Building activities for you and your clients on your own?

sim·pli·fy verb make (something) simpler or easier to do or understand

Why Should You Attend Summits Simplified?  

No Travel

A virtual summit is held online, not in a conference room! All presentations will be broadcast over the web, so you can watch from the comfort of your own home.  

Free Admission

Watch the speakers' free video interviews and presentations at your leisure during the program dates. Of course there is an opportunity for unlimited on-demand video training with the GO BIG NOW package option – watch your email for details.  

Every speaker's free video presentation will remain online for 24-hours from when it first aired.  

Expert Speakers

The 24 accomplished speakers being featured in Summits Simplied are leaders in their fields and they all have ONE thing in common. They all got their BIG start creating and hosting Virtual Summits! They were not willing to wait years to become The Authority in Their Niche, help more people, and make great money doing it! 

Meet The Game-Changers Teaching You Exactly How To Simply Reach More People Desperately Looking For YOU - Even If You Have Never Done This Before!  

▼ Check them out below! ▼

Milana Leshinsky - Founder, Simplicity Circle

"Inventor" of Telesummits, global coach, and multi-million dollar business owner

Jay Fiset - Founder, Mastermind to Millions  

Filling programs hosting and speaking on Virtual Summits worth 6-figures and beyond

 Tonya Hofmann - Founder, Public Speakers Association

Promotes speakers via Virtual Summits and is an Authority helping thousands

Marie Grace Berg - Founder, JV Success Formula

Launched successfull business hosting and creating numerous Virtual Summits and Podcasts

Denise Hart - Founder, Mindset Mojo

Grew community by hundreds hosting Virtual Summits and is successfull coach and prof

Tony Pennells - Co-Founder,

Added 26,000 community members hosting recent Virtual Summit 

Chris Salem - Best Seller Author, Radio Show Host

Builds online community and trust speaking and hosting Virtual Summits

Jillian Lama - Founder and Sales Srategist , Boozy Booked Up Challenge

Hosts Virtual Summits to become trusted expert

Lexis Johnson - Founder, Published, Powerful and Profitable Celebrity

Hosted 10 Virtual Summits to launch 4 businesss

Tina Sibley - Founder, Speaking Secrets

Coaches hundreds world-wide being the Authority and Summit Guru - BIG FAN!

Greg Jameson - Author, Amazon Ecommerce Strategist, Keynote Speaker

Launching hot-off-the press book via Virtual Summit

Bailey Reichert - Founder, Infopreneur Virtual Summit

Annual host and coach adding hundreds globally to community via Summits

Joan McGuire Pounds -Founder, Monetization Magic, Conceived to Lead

Connects hundreds and builds Authority hosting Virtual Summits and Author Events Anually

Sheri Kaye Hoff - Coaching for Business Growth, Leadership Skills, and Mindset Mastery

Hosts numerous Virtual Summits to skyrocket Authority and Sales

Natalie Manor - Confident stress-free strategies as seen on CBS, NBC, USAToday, MPR

Coaches hundreds world-wide being the Authority and Summit Guru - BIG FAN!

April Yvette - Shark Tank Winner, Inventor, Life Coach

Reaches thousands globally hosting and speaking on Virtual Summits - BIG FAN!

Meredith Eisenberg - Founder, Launch Ladies and Time Traders Club 

 Builds clients credibility, authority and sales creating Virtual Summits, Podcasts

Tamara Patzer - Host of Women Innovators Radio Show, Social Media Guru

Virtual Summits boost Authority and Credibility

Sheila Galligan - Host of Summits Simplified

Grew list to 7,500 in 24-months hosting Virtual Summits

Are You Ready to Learn How to Simply Host Your Own Virtual Summit This Year?  

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Frequently Asked Questions  

Join us by grabbing your Top Expert Videos (and Summit ticket) and I will answer all your questions on the next page! Or Simply email with any concerns!

Hi! I'm Your Summit Host, Sheila Galligan

Sheila naturally works with lively service-based coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and game-changers by offering creative programs providing the structure and clear cut strategies you need to succeed promoting your GO BIG! products and services so you can START SERVING your clients instead of chasing them (all while having fun)!  

Sheila has interviewed over 150+ masters of online marketing and business growth since 2010; including Jeffrey Gitomer, Pamela Bruner, Nancy Marmolejo, Michelle Shaeffer, Rick Cooper, Bob The Teacher Jenkins, Lisa Cherney, Theresa Skully, MichelePW, Paul Evans, Jay Fiset, Jill Lublin, James Roche, Donna Kozik, Sage Lavine, Lou Bortone, Michele Scism, Tom Buford, Amethyst Wyldfyre, and dozens more.  

Anyone who is anybody grew their online community by interviewing others and hosting Virtual Summits (Telesummits). Summits are a POWERFUL tool to create a loyal community, help more people, and build Joint Venture Partners for rapid growth and sales.  

Sheila, Founder of Go Big Global, Summits Success Strategies and List Building Stategies 101 grew her online community to over 7,500 fans in less than 24-months

"When you want to Go Big, Sheila’s the one to show you the way." Her Go Big Summit is packed with real-life, doable strategies you can use right away in your business. She brings out the best from her guests in these interviews. If you’re serious about going BIG, then check out this. James Roche Business Coach 

"Interviews are the way to stand out… and nobody does them better than Sheila Galligan" I recommend this strategy to anyone who wants to stand out in their field, and there’s no one better to teach how to do it than Sheila Galligan. Follow her tips and learn how to be more than a resource… but how to be a resource LEADER and turn that into income for you.” Nancy Marmelejo The Intersection Between Talent and Genius

Sheila’s authentic and to-the-point nature, along with her heart and intuition, make her a beautiful host of this much needed event. For those of us who are inspired to “Go BIG”… the guidance and wisdom lying within this event will be life changing.“ -Sage Lavine, Purpose to Prosperity 

Working with Sheila has meant I've been able to sleep at night throughout the whole process of pulling the summit together. I knew organizing a summit was a huge task and I'm so grateful Sheila's here to guide me through this and take care of the technical and all organizing aspects. If I hadn't invested in Sheila, I'm not sure the summit would have happened - thank you so much! - Alisoun MacKenzie / The Heart-Centered Network  

“Sheila Breaks It Down Into Do-able Steps…”  

“Sheila Breaks It Down Into Do-able Steps… “Thank you so much for taking the time to schedule our “Strategy Call” today. It was good to run some ideas past you to help me with my very first “Monthly Interview Series” which will begin July 30th.  

The information you have provided us has been incredible and we have only begun. I have been able create a theme, to send out professional invitations to the Guest Interview Speakers, create an offer that will be appealing to them, a list of suggested interview questions and a contract when they agree to become a member of my “Interview Series”. You have broken it down into easy to follow steps and you make it fun!  

How Can It Get Any Better Than This? Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! “  

~ Karen S. Quinn, 1heartlight 

"I love the interview so much I now use it as my main giveaway on my website!” “I hired Sheila for her Done-For-You Interview Service. I loved the interview so much that I now use it as my main giveaway on my website. Sheila not only did a fantastic job of interviewing me and making me feel super comfortable – but she also promoted the interview to her audience and published an online press release about the interview. Great value, added a lot more people opting in to my list AND I’ve had tons of traction from the interview. I would highly recommend working with Sheila in the future!” Rachel Karl / Rachel Karl Online  

I've been very impressed with her thoroughness and attention to detail. Hired Sheila to manage my first Telesummit because I know that it takes a lot of behind the scenes work to pull off a quality summit. It simply doesn't make sense for me to try to figure it out on my own when there is someone like Sheila who has all the expertise and systems in place. I've been very impressed with her thoroughness and attention to detail. I'm looking forward to producing a high-quality summit that will be a win-win for everyone. - Liz Uram / The Coach & M&ntor Group

Sheila Galligan came to the interview ready. My sales tools is my book, BlessBack. Not only did Sheila come prepared by having read my book, she referenced stories in it and used them as prompts for thought-provoking questions, sure to touch listeners' hearts and generate book sales. I highly recommend Sheila's services. She's a coach, a great interviewer, and immediately puts one at ease. Most importantly, she customizes her interviews to truly meets her client's needs – Julie Saffrin / Author of best-selling book on gratitude: BlessBack: Thank Those Who Shaped Your Life  

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